Technical Specs

We have the experience to tailor the design and chrome plating of every component to meet the exacting standards demanded by our clients, but we have some general recommendations to consider for specific plating requirements.

There are 4 plating specifications recognised by the British Standards Institute, they are as follows:

  • BS 4601/1 a/b Service indoors.
  • BS 4601/2 a/b Service indoors in places where condensation may occur.
  • BS 4601/3 a/b Service outdoors in normal conditions.
  • BS 4601/4 a/b Service outdoors in exceptional severe corrosive conditions.

Provided the plastic is correctly moulded to the right specifications as detailed in our plating guidelines page and then etched to ensure good adhesion, a simple copper, nickel and chrome deposit is sufficient to meet these plating requirements.

Chromium plated plastic is becoming more popular for bathroom or kitchen use i.e., high humidity environments and we would normally recommend higher deposits of nickel. For exterior use, particularly automotive components an entirely different approach is required. Where severe corrosion resistance is required, the use of semi-bright nickel is very important, with deposits of micro-porous chrome highly recommended. This is especially important for automotive applications which need to meet stringent plating specifications, to deliver quality applications.