No let-up in consumer demand for chrome highlights on products has ensured our spread into new manufacturing sectors, away from our dominant automotive component output.

Whether you want your product entirely chromed, to reflect the trend in small domestic appliances, or need selective chrome plating of trim components, we have the expertise and experience to enhance any product.

Our plating process ensures the coating is chemically and physically bonded to the substrate, with metal layers applied to this surface through electrolytic deposition. It is only the substrate that is plastic, the surface is real chrome. No vacuum deposit, sprays or foils.

Chrome plating delivers all the benefits you and your customers would expect. Cool to the touch and a pleasure to polish, chrome will brighten any product, from shower components to sanitary ware and appliances to cooker knobs.

Whatever you need, please get in touch and benefit from our decades of experience.

Design for components

If you want to achieve a high-quality chrome finish on your product, we recommend leaning on our expertise and experience at the design stage, when the need for plating must be taken into consideration.

Our experience will ensure subtle changes to component designs to remove problematic sharp corners and introduce gently curved convex surfaces, radiused angles and the minimum of projections.

Years of experience working with some of the world’s most iconic consumer brands is backed by our commitment to quality. This determination to deliver the highest quality chrome plated components has seen the development and growth of our injection-moulding capability.

Alongside a range of injection-moulding machines, we offer two-shot moulding to meet the need for selective plating. Combining different plastics in a single component ensures only the parts that need plating get chromed, leaving un-plated plastic free to flex.

If you’re considering chrome plating components to enhance your products, please get in touch, so we can sit down and discuss your needs in more detail.