Closely associated with the automotive sector for more than five decades, Borough continues to chrome plate plastic components for many of the world’s leading marques.

Automotive designers understand the myriad benefits of using weight-saving components manufactured from plastic instead of metal. But these parts must still deliver the durability and high-quality finish required by modern car manufactures and discerning car buyers.

Thanks to our programme of continuous improvement, our technique of electroplating ABS with Chrome, Copper and Nickel delivers an unrivalled consistency in the quality of injection-moulded and plated components.

Hard-wearing bright chrome can be specified to highlight exterior design elements and elevate the status of any model. Satin chrome components used to brighten the interior will ensure it is an environment that delights and impresses those within.

Chrome components will brighten any vehicle, from lamp surrounds and grilles to speaker covers and switches, Borough has the solution, if you have the need.

Design for plating

When deciding which interior or exterior components will be plated with chrome, bright or satin, we recommend you get in touch before the final designs are completed.

To deliver the durability and quality required of chrome plated plastic components, it is essential they are designed with plating in mind from the start. Subtle changes are needed to get the best from the plating process and all our experience is at your disposal, so please just ask.

To ensure components designed for plating achieve the highest quality possible, we have developed our own injection-moulding capability with a range of different machines in our Southend facility.

Selective plating is now possible thanks to our investment in two-shot moulding machines, which ensure only the parts of the component that need chroming, receive the plating – the un-plated plastic is free to flex as required.

Please get in touch with any questions about chrome plated plastic components for your automotive supply chain needs and remember, no one knows more.