Chrome plated plastic fits the bill for projects of all sizes and complexity, from small consumer items to large trim components for automotive manufactures, but the effect is always the same; impressive in quality and durability.

Able to withstand the harshest of environments, chrome plated plastic is the ideal solution for sign makers, seeking a lightweight alternative to polished metal they can incorporate into the high-quality designs their clients expect.

We are committed to continuously improve the quality and durability of our chrome plating; it’s what brings the world’s leading brands to do our door. Our ability to electroplate ABS with Chrome, delivers an unrivalled consistency in the quality of injection-moulded and plated components.

From simple letters to more intricate designs, chrome will brighten any shopfront, showroom, office façade or interior space and add the high-class image top-end brands require. And if you have the need, Borough has the solution.

Design for plating

Once you understand the ease with which you can incorporate chrome-plated plastic into your signage, whether it’s bright or satin chrome, the next consideration is moulding parts specifically for plating.

Our processes can handle almost any ABS moulded parts and we’re happy to have a conversation about the size of product we can plate or the minimum number needed to ensure an efficient run through our plating baths.

We are also here for those who require advice on the design of products for plating and we have our own injection-moulding capability, with a range of different machines in our Southend facility.

A recently installed two-shot moulding machine allows selective plating of components, which means only those parts of the component that need chroming will be plated. Other areas of the component can be left un-plated and free to flex, like tabs or fixing lugs.

Please get in touch with any questions about chrome plated plastic components for your automotive supply chain needs and remember, no one knows more.