Product Testing

Our ability to test the quality and durability of all the parts we mould and plate here at Borough has been an essential part of our enduring success, helping us attain and then maintain the high standards on which our reputation is built.

We use micro-sectioning of plated components to assure customers that their precise specifications have been met and in most circumstances exceeded. The information we gain from micro-sectioning is also valuable for the team here to help them accurately programme the parameters needed to run the plating line consistently and efficiently, batch after batch.

The product testing department offers the following services:

  • C.A.S.S. (Copper Accelerated Salt Spray) – Corrosion resistance testing
  • Humidity testing – Temperature / Humidity testing
  • S.T.E.P. testing – Simultaneous Thickness & Electro Potential testing, testing the thickness of the various different layers of nickel.
  • Thermocycling – Cyclical temperature testing – 40 to 90 degrees
  • Micro sectioning; Thickness testing – To analyse the thickness of the various plating layers
  • Adhesion testing – Adhesion strength of the plating to the plastic substrate.
  • Drop tests – Chipping and fracture test