Borough has been chrome plating plastic for over 50 years and has become one of Europe’s most respected plastic injection moulders and chrome platers. We perfected the technique of electroplating ABS with Chrome, Copper and Nickel for use in the automotive, white goods, electronic, RFI and general decorative industries. We continue to lead the way.

A client list that includes some of the most recognised global automotive brands stands testament to the enduring quality of of our work. As new techologies seek to exploit the weight-saving advantages of chrome plated plastic, in similar vein to the automotive sector, we expect to be a chosen supplier, given our experience and high quality service.

In the continuing drive for quality, manufacturers are increasingly turning to us to undertake the injection moulding of components, as part of a larger assembly or for chrome plating. This allows us to control every aspect of the process and guarantee high levels of quality in finished chrome plated components and complicated assemblies.

Successful high quality chrome plating depends largely on the sympathetic design of the components and the quality of the moulded component; another reason why many customers now expect us to provide both moulding and plating services.