Nothing says premium product like chrome plating, whether it’s the interior components of a luxury car or the highlight on packaging for a premium drinks brand. And no one knows more about chrome plating on plastics than Borough.

For more than five decades we have been perfecting our technique of applying chrome to expertly injection moulded components, typically replacing traditional metal embellishments. High quality chrome plated plastic is durable, lightweight and infinitely repeatable; the last as good as the first.

The chrome plating is chemically and physically bonded to the substrate, with various metals applied to this surface through electrolytic deposition. Only the substrate is plastic. The surface is real chrome, cool to the touch and perfect for polishing.

Chrome will ensure packaging projects only the highest quality image, designed to enhance the product inside and attract buyers, whether its perfume or a 15-year old malt.

Please get in touch and we’ll explain how chrome-plating will benefit your business.

Design for packaging

Whether it’s just a single component or an entire product that needs crafting, Borough has the experience and expertise to help you achieve the high-quality chrome-plated packaging your products deserve.

If a component is to be chrome plated, this should be allowed for in the original design. We can help product designers remove problematic aspects of the design and introduce elements that will ensure the most durable and highest quality chrome-plating, whatever the component.

Because we are committed to delivering only the highest quality chrome plated components we have developed our own comprehensive injection-moulding capability, with a large range of injection-moulding machines.

We also offer two-shot moulding, which allows us to combine two different plastics in a single component. This process ensures only the areas that need chrome, get chrome, leaving un-plated areas free to flex when required.

Ready for chrome in your packaging, then please get in touch and we’ll show you what we can do; prepare to be impressed.