Project Management

We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately and efficiently manage projects of any size and complexity, recognising the growing importance of undertaking greater responsibility for project delivery. The need to transfer information efficiently to meet crucial target dates has to be managed effectively, with everyone in the process understanding their specific role and the strict timeline that ultimately controls the project.

Our use of timing plans and selected tools has ensured we achieve a smooth transition from the initial concept of a component or product, including assemblies, through to successful completion and launch. We utilise a system of ‘milestones’ to support both our customer and the wider supply chain, helping all those involved to deliver successful solutions, whilst keeping the hassle to a minimum.

Our project management team will take complete ownership of a customer’s portfolio of components or products, to guarantee we build the personal relationships necessary to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Our approach is backed by the ‘one account – one contact’ philosophy, which has a proven record of success here at Borough and offers additional peace of mind to each of our customers.

The emphasis we place on the important role played by our project management team ensures that once we have agreed a time frame for a project, it is delivered without problem; first time, on time, every time.