Point of Sale

Polished metal has always been used to attract the attention of busy shoppers, presented with too many choices in a crowded marketplace, whether at the bar, the counter or on the shelf.

Now thanks to our years of perfecting the technique of chrome plating plastic, the luxury, durability and quality of traditional point-of-sale can be achieved at a lower cost, with greater consistency of production.

The chrome plating is chemically and physically bonded to the plastic component, sitting atop a number of layers of different metals applied by electrolytic deposition. Only the moulding is plastic, everything else is metal.

Chrome offers a lot of benefits that designers of quality point of sale can exploit – durable, but easy to polish and cool to the touch to ensure a file of condensation when required. It shines, reflects and attracts in equal measure.

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Design for selling

If your product deserves chrome to help reflect its quality and you are considering new designs for its point of sale, please take advantage of our more than 50 years of chrome plating experience.

We will happily plate existing injection moulded ABS components, but if you want to achieve the same quality that sees our work grace the interiors of some of the world’s most luxurious cars, we can help design the parts specifically for plating.

The design of any product to be chrome-plated should consider the needs of the plating process, from the very beginning. We can help develop designs that feature gently curved surfaces rather than sharp corners, which will only enhance the quality of finish.

With a large range of machines, including a two-shot machine for selective plating, we offer a comprehensive injection-moulding capability, shaped by our years of plating experience.

To give your sales a lift with chrome, please get in touch and we’ll show you what Borough can do.