Reflecting on a great exhibition at Aston Martin

Nov 28, 2023

Continuing our exhibition tour of some of the automotive world’s leading marques, our team recently represented Borough at another supplier engagement day, this time at Aston Martin’s facility in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

This was another opportunity for Borough, one of the world’s leading injection moulding and chrome-plating specialists, to demonstrate its experience and abilities, showing solutions to interior and exterior trim designers at Aston Martin, as they gear up for increased volumes.

Supplier days like this one, following closely on the heels of similar events at Bentley Motors and Nissan, are an opportunity for key personnel shaping the look and indeed feel of models being deigned now for release a few years from now.

In recent years, Borough has injection moulded and chrome plated numerous different components for vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers including Aston Martin, which has seen a surge in sales recently, with revenues up 25 per cent to £677.4mn for the first six months of 2023.

Re-shoring to the UK and shortening the supply chain

Every responsible business is seeking ways to reduce the global impact of their production activities and shortening the supply chain, remains a relatively simple step for most. However, businesses in the UK must demonstrate they match or in our case exceed the quality available from overseas.

Critical to our success is the opportunity to explain our injection moulding and chrome plating abilities to those who might specify components and surface finishes for trim on top automotive brands, such as Aston Martin.

When design engineers understand what Borough can do, how flexible our service is and the innovative finishes available, from bright chrome to tinted lacquers, we are in strong position to help them deliver the cars of the future.

Borough is more than a chrome plating facility

We are an independent, UK-based injection moulding and chrome plating specialist with unrivalled experience of the automotive sector. We exhibit a drive for quality unmatched anywhere in the world and if a component needs manufacturing specifically to be plated, we can help design and mould to deliver exceptional quality, on time every time.

Our work is a reflection of the quality of the products our components adorn and whether it’s interior trim for an Aston Martin or a stag’s head for Dalmore Whisky, we strive to deliver the same high-quality service that catches the eye.

We met a lot of enthusiastic people at Aston Martin and we hope they remember the Borough credentials when they are specifying parts and surface finishes for their next model. Short supply chain, unrivalled moulding ability, world-leading plating service and nice people to know – what more could anyone want?

We will keep everyone updated with our news and how we’re innovating our service, but please get in touch if you’d like to know more or would like to come to our UK facility in Leigh-on-Sea to watch the magic happen in person.