Quality on the shop floor at Borough

Feb 6, 2015

Quality on the shop floor at Borough

6th Feb 2015

When it comes to creating thousands of almost flawless chrome-plated components for some of the most demanding automotive manufacturers in the world, we have to ensure every aspect of our business reflects the quality of our components.

We are seeing growing demand for our high quality bright chrome and satin chrome components, but know we can only achieve the quality of finish needed, if we start with a high quality moulded component. These must be free from defects and conform to the exacting standards set by our clients, locally, nationally and globally.

If you ever wondered how we reach the standards we do, it’s thanks to a lot of hard work, from a dedicated team, committed to quality. This starts on the shop floor, quite literally as these photos show, following our latest refurbishment.

Whilst undertaking our routine maintenance, we had the opportunity to clean and renovate the mould shop, with moulding machines moved to make more room, to allow for further investment in the months ahead. These regular deep cleans are essential in maintaining the quality of moulding and plating on which our reputation is built.

Visitors to our facility are always surprised. People expect a dark, foreboding Victorian factory, full of pots of bubbling chemicals, with grease and muck everywhere; the almost laboratory-like reality can be a shock for some.

Automotive manufacturing shows little sign of slowing, particularly in the UK and our order book is growing, but we expect to increase work for both moulding and plating in the months ahead. Re-arranging the mould shop gives us space for new machines, able to be serviced by our recently added jib crane that speeds up tool changes significantly – it’s all about the quality, but speed is important too.

Our most recent investment saw the arrival of the revolutionary FARO Edge ScanArm. This portable co-ordinate measuring machine allows easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.

It incorporates enhanced scanning technology that improves the ability to scan challenging surfaces, something regularly encountered with our long list of automotive components – all of which basically means it measures oddly shaped things so accurately it makes your eyes water, but helps us deliver even greater accuracy and quality.

This was a great team effort and hopefully changes a few readers’ perceptions about what a modern high quality manufacturing plant looks like, even the small ones like ours, where you find quality all over the shop floor.