Borough helps educate Product Designers of the future

Jul 15, 2014

Borough helps educate Product Designers of the future

15th Jul 2014

Southend-based chrome plating specialists Borough Ltd., recently played host to a party of students from the University of East London, on a visit designed to help them understand how theoretical knowledge is put into practice at the sharp end of engineering, on a daily basis.

Borough is an important supplier to the automotive industry, with a proud history of innovation, dating back almost 70 years. Over this time the company’s engineers perfected the technique of chrome plating ABS plastic, with car designers beginning to appreciate the significant weight-saving potential of modern plastics.

In recent years the company has invested in new and larger injection moulding machines to meet the UK’s burgeoning automotive sector’s increasing demand for high quality UK-sourced parts, moulded specifically for chrome plating.