Supplier Engagement Day at Bentley Motors

Oct 6, 2023

As you might expect from the UK’s leading injection moulding and chrome-plating specialist, Borough provides components for a number of top marques in the automotive sector Ltd, including the iconic cars of Bentley Motors.

Being a few tiers removed from supplying directly into the Crewe production facility, many of the talented individuals responsible for creating the high-quality models, loved by driving enthusiasts the world over, have little or no idea who Borough are and what it is we do.

This makes events like the one we are attending on Wednesday 11 October at the firm’s Pyms Lane headquarters, all the more important. The Supplier Engagement Day, promoted by Motiv8, is an opportunity for Bentley Motors employees to meet the supply chain that makes production possible.

Over recent years, Borough has manufactured and chrome plated a number of different components for models across the Bentley range. This line up produced total sales of 15,174 in 2022, an increase of 4% over 2021, which itself was a record year. And we’ve been a small part of that success.

Tightening the supply chain

As every business looks to shorten supply chains and reduce the global impact of their production activities, we are confident that more responsible manufacturers like Bentley will turn to Borough for injection moulding and chrome plating expertise.

We are an independent, UK-based specialist with unrivalled experience of the automotive sector, with an eye for quality unmatched anywhere in the world. If you need a component producing and want a satin or bight chrome finish, talk to us about design too, as we’re not just a plating facility.

As the UK economy strengthens and manufacturers look to consolidate their facilities here, we are in a prime position to support their manufacturing needs, with a fast, responsive high-quality service that delivers what is needed, when it’s needed.

Our work is a reflection of the quality of the products they form part of, from top automotive marques such as Bentley to global whisky brands like Dalmore. And we look forward to meeting as many Bentley Motors employees as possible, when we set out our stall on Wednesday.

If you work at Bentley and always wondered where the chrome components, such as the rear light trim comes from, please drop by and say hello to the Borough team on the stand. Have a question ready too, as it makes their day to talk about chrome plating on plastic.