Borough increases moulding capacity story makes the news

Jul 1, 2015

Borough increases moulding capacity story makes the news

1st Jul 2015

It appears the arrival of our latest ENGEL e-motion 300, injection moulding machine, has made the news across the sector and locally. Here are few media outlets that covered the story online, in addition to a few column inches in print:

The Manufacturer


Engineering Capacity

Connecting Industry

Demand for moulded components is increasing as the automotive sector continues to grow and although renowned for our ability to chrome plate plastic components it is additional moulding capacity we needed.

Although the Engel machines, use a sophisticated tie-bar-less technology to allow larger moulding tools to be used for the size of the machine, we still had to shuffle our mould shop machines a little to make room – but now there’s room for even more machines!

The quality of the moulded parts and the ability to change tools quickly made the Engel the obvious choice, as the continuing growth of the UK car industry is expected to increase demand for quality components still further.

It’s not all about more machines increasing our capacity though, it helps us work more efficiently and better meet the changing needs of our clients. This is a significant investment and is made with every confidence we will attract not just more work from those we already supply, but new members of the automotive supply chain looking for high quality, reliable suppliers like Borough.

Given or pre-eminence in chrome plating, we are having to change the way we think from that of a plating business, to more a plastic moulding company that offers satin and noble chrome finishes. Whilst we are witnessing increased demand for satin chrome plated components, particularly for interior parts, the quality of our moulding is attracting interest for more parts that do not require plating.

A lot of the un-plated parts form part of larger assemblies, for some of the world’s leading automotive supply chain businesses and it is gratifying to have our ability to offer a more complete service both recognised and valued.

Of course, this additional capacity is not confined to just producing components for the automotive industry and in the coming months we will be marketing our abilities to other sectors, with the emphasis very much on the quality of our injection moulding – backed by our ability to add satin or bright (noble) chrome finishes.