Borough features in Injection World magazine

Jan 15, 2015

Borough features in Injection World magazine

15th Jan 2015

Moulding and plating advice for readers of Injection World magazine

Chrome plating plastics may have been around for many decades now, but it’s a complicated process not for the faint-hearted. When Injection World magazine, the industry’s leading publication wanted an insight on how consistently high quality chrome plating can be achieved on moulded components, they naturally turned to Borough, one of the world’s leading exponents of this chemical artistry.

Our Managing Director David Coombes provided the detail, based on his more than fifty years of experience in plating, starting with the essentials of designing components specifically for plating.

The article also touched on the different finishes available, which should be a timely reminder to designers, given the shift in recent years from shiny chrome to satin chrome, particularly for automotive interiors.

You can read David’s article in full on the Injection World website, along with plenty of other interesting stories from around the industry. Hopefully you will gain insight into our ability to mould and plate components to an exceptionally high quality, based on an understanding of the process that’s second to none.

Whether it’s, interior or exterior automotive trim or components for the heating, bathroom or sanitary equipment markets please get in touch so we can show you the benefits of Borough.