Borough Chrome and The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

Dec 1, 2023

Founded in 1902, the SMMT is regarded as one of the most influential trade associations in the UK, with the resources, reputation and unrivalled automotive data to ensure it sits at the heart of the UK automotive industry.

It is the voice of the UK motor industry, supporting and promoting the interests of its members, at home and abroad, to government, stakeholders and the media. It also supports the work of the Motor Ombudsman, the organisation responsible for raising industry standards, offering information and carrying out dispute resolution for consumers.

The SMMT represents more than 800 companies associated with the manufacture and service of motor vehicles in the UK, providing a platform for them share information, advice, best practice, news and views on issues affecting the sector,

It is important to recognise the role the SMMT plays in helping guide strategies and build positive relationships with government and regulatory authorities, in what are ever more regulated and challenging times for businesses involved in the sector.

Why Borough Chrome joined

Borough Chrome has built a strong reputation in the automotive sector, for injection moulding and chrome plating plastic components found in models of some of the world’s leading car marques, from Rolls Royce and Bentley to Nissan and MINI.

Over decades we have delivered an unrivalled service to businesses within the automotive supply chain, with our pre-eminence in the process of chrome plating on plastic, attracting the attention of those seeking quality and UK-based suppliers.

In recent years, the European Union has sought to restrict and then cease the use of hexavalent chrome, due to health concerns over its long terms use. But this presents many industries that rely on the durability and aesthetic appeal of chrome, a major problem.

We were one of a number of companies to raise the matter with the appropriate authorities and the progress of the ban was slowed, but the spectre of a total ban remains. This required Borough Chrome to seek an alternative surface finish that delivered a similar performance as hexavalent chrome, but with none of the associated health concerns.

The answer is trivalent chrome, which sounds s simple switch, but in fact has required on our part a £750k investment in new equipment and to help develop new processes. We are confident we will introduce trivalent chrome in 2024, as more automotive manufacturers seek this alternative and also producers closer to home, as they look to improve their ESG performance.

Help from the SMMT

Fortunately, the SMMT lists amongst its members Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Vauxhall, Mercedes and Ford to name but a few manufacturers Borough Chrome would like to do more business with or start a relationship with.

Importantly, most of the suppliers of major components such as vehicle front ends, interiors and seating are also members, which opens the door still further to the SMMT helping us raise awareness of our high-quality output and the advantages of a shorter supply chain of UK-based manufacturers.

If you’re not a member and have interests in the automotive supply chain, we urge you to consider membership and if you are a member, we’d love the opportunity to explore joint projects that require high-quality injection moulding and chrome plating.